Tips for On-Site Success

Put together your trade show survival kit.

Suggested items to pack in your checked luggage or booth freight include:

  • Business cards​​​​​​​
  • Small tool kit including box cutter or utility knife
  • Cell phone and computer charging cables
  • First Aid kit with band aids and Advil/Tylenol
  • Pens and Markers
  • Water bottle to refill
  • Notepad, tape, scissors  


Train your booth staff- It takes only 4 seconds to make a first impression on an attendee--good or bad--and you only have 1 chance to make a first impression! 

55% of communication at a trade show is non-verbal. 

86% of what an attendee will remember about your exhibit is related to the booth staff's performance, actions, and comments.

Offer a Show Special- Keep traffic flowing through your booth all day by offering a special promotion that will be a conversation starter and draw people to your booth.

​​​​​​​Meet Your Neighbors- Take the time to visit other booths and gain valuable insight into your competitors, trends in your industry, vendors and more. Plus, understanding how other companies present themselves and their products may serve as inspiration for future exhibits. You can also use this opportunity to meet industry players. 

Lead Retrieval—Order your lead retrieval through Xpress Leads. This will help to keep track of sales leads and their contact info. Don't miss a single sales lead! Not everyone will carry a business card, however every attendee will have a badge with a QR code for you to scan.

For more information please contact 800-746-9734, or order lead retrieval here

Please note early pricing deadline to order Lead Retrieval is 31 March and the advanced deadline is 12 May

Badge/ID- Make sure that you always have your badge and photo ID on you.

Post Show- Make sure that you follow up with your booth leads within a week of the show. This will help keep your company fresh in their mind and show that you appreciate that they stopped by your booth. This will also set your company up well to embark on future or continuing business.